“Virat Kohli lacks MS Dhoni’s tactical expertise” – UKMALAYALEE

“Virat Kohli lacks MS Dhoni’s tactical expertise”

Friday 10 May 2019 2:32 AM UTC

MUMBAI May 10: MS Dhoni can be the perfect mentor for the relatively young Indian team Virat Kohli is leading to the 2019 World Cup, Dhoni’s childhood coach has said. Speaking to IANS, Keshav Banerjee, who was the sports teacher at Dhoni’s school in Ranchi, said Dhoni’s tactical acumen is unparalleled and that he is the perfect guide for Kohli when it comes to reading the game and making strategic moves.

“In game reading and tactical approach, there is no one like Dhoni. Kohli also does not have that. So, Kohli can always fall back on Dhoni if he wants to take any advice,” said Banerjee.

“If Dhoni would not have been part of the Indian team, there would be nobody to help Kohli as he needs time as captain,” the coach said.

There has also been a lot of talk about Dhoni’s batting position in the Indian team as he no longer enjoys the role of finisher and Keshav said that the former skipper should come in at No.4.

“When he bats at No. 4, he takes time as he has time. When he bats at No. 5 or 6, he has to hit from the word go as runs are needed after all. Then he has to take risks. I feel Dhoni should bat at No. 4 in the World Cup.

It will be the team management’s decision, but that’s my personal opinion. If he bats at No. 4, the other batsmen can play freely after him,” he explained.

While pundits feel that Pant deserves a chance in the Indian team and should have been in the World Cup squad, Banerjee begs to differ. “It is too early to give him a chance. India have a huge bench strength. He should be given a chance after the World Cup,” he said.

Asked if Dhoni will hang up his boots after the World Cup, the coach said: “Do you want him to retire (laughs)? You have seen how fit he is. That’s the main thing. When Dhoni will retire, even his wife and father don’t know.”

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