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Ben Stokes says his life changed after brawl in Bristol

Monday 8 April 2019 1:36 AM UTC

LONDON April 8: Ben Stokes’ life underwent a sudden change after his brawl outside a Bristol nightclub in September 2017. Opening up on how the incident changed his life, the English all-rounder, who is a part of Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019, said, he has stopped going out in his own country rather choosing to stay in the comforts of his hotel with his teammates.

The 27-year-old added, one of the prime reason of doing so is because he is recognised easily and there are plenty of people targetting him.

“I don’t go out anymore, I mean, I might go out for dinner, but I don’t go out-out anymore in England,” Daily Mail quoted Stokes as saying to Espn.

“I used to love going out and celebrating with the lads. But we can do that in the hotel and I don’t miss it. I don’t feel that urge any more. Once you make the transition to not doing it then you don’t miss it

“It’s pointless. You get recognised and then, after someone has had a few ego boosters, a few vodka and whatevers, they feel they can come up to you and say whatever they feel.

There are people ready to target you everywhere you go. I prefer staying in and chatting nonsense with my team-mates,” Stokes who has featured in 52 Tests for his national team added.

Featuring for Rajasthan Royals currently, Stokes has notched up 69 runs from four matches. He has an impeccable strike rate of 176.92 in the IPL 2019 and has hit four boundaries and identical number of sixes to his name.

The all-rounder will also be one of the key players for hosts England in World Cup 2019.

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