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Vatican Rejects Appeal Of Kerala Nun Suspended For ‘Lifestyle’

Thursday 17 October 2019 5:27 AM UTC

Kochi Oct 17: The Vatican has rejected the appeal of a nun from Kerala against her expulsion by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation for “failing to give a satisfactory explanation for her lifestyle in violation of FCC laws.”

Sister Lucy, in her fifties, was expelled by the Congregation in August for her lifestyle, which allegedly violated the church rules prescribed for the nuns.

The FCC, under the Roman Catholic Church, said the nun was issued “proper canonical warnings”, but did not show the needed remorse.

This violation, ironically, included publishing books and songs and gaining monetary benefits out of it, buying and driving a car but also for publicly speaking and protesting in support of a nun who has made allegations of rape against a powerful catholic Bishop Francko Mullackal.

Reacting to the letter, received from Apostolic Nuncio with intimation about her appeal being rejected, Sister Lucy told NDTV, “Most of the communication is in a language I don’t understand. So I will wait for a clear letter from superiors in the congregation, with any deadlines for the second appeal.

I am also looking at possibilities of legal recourse. Under no circumstances, am I willing to leave the hostel and go”, Sister Lucy told NDTV.

Meanwhile, Sister Lucy continues to live at the convent in Wayanad, where she lives a life of isolation, with other nuns refusing to interact with her, she says.

The Franciscan Clarist Congregation had written a letter to Sister Lucy’s mother in August asking her to come and take back her daughter from the convent.

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