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Rental rates hit record highs in 40 UK cities

Thursday 4 August 2022 10:47 PM UTC

LONDON Aug 4: Rental rates are also rising significantly across the UK, making life more difficult for people.

According to reports, 40 cities and cities in the UK are recording the highest rental rates. However, 616 pounds per month rental bargains are still available in London. The most expensive places are also in the capital city. West End and Soho top the list, with an average monthly rate of £1229.

According to data published by Spare Room, rental rates have skyrocketed across the UK. While 50 towns and cities experienced year-on-year increases from 2021 to 2022, rental rates in 40 locations reached a record high. The lowest rental room in London is in Abey Wood, where the monthly rent is £656.

Bills and food prices are playing a major role in the rising cost of living in the UK. While costs are rising in all sectors, employers are not ready to give salary hikes to their employees accordingly.

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