NMC has not outsourced any agency or firm to provide training in English language for them to bypass IELTS or OET tests – UKMALAYALEE

NMC has not outsourced any agency or firm to provide training in English language for them to bypass IELTS or OET tests

Wednesday 30 November 2022 8:10 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Nov 29: Each time there is an immigration change, be it with the health care sector, nursing or student recruitment there is always some smart alec who would try out new and innovative ways on how to fleece money from prospective gullible or aspiring migrants.

The new kind of entrepreneurs who have mushroomed in recent years are skilful enough to jump the hoops when it comes being questioned as their advertisements are such that they may be right but not so much so when it comes for the migrant at his or her last hurdle. The aspiring migrant always doesn’t read the fine print and it is there where their cunningness lies.

Here is an advertisements which says simply that if one attends this course then they will get a certificate in proving their English proficiency and this will help them to by indirectly bypass the IELTS and OET tests. The advert doesn’t say directly that the certificate will help to bypass IELTS and OET but at the same it doesn’t say otherwise.

The actual rules is that the employer has to verify your proficiency in English language and it has to be verified by two senior NMC registrants for one to qualify the English proficiency test.

Therefore, at present there are no organisations or language institutes outsourced or given permission to run English language courses on behalf of NMC and the certificates are not valid proof that one has qualified for the English proficiency exam.

Speaking to this website Dr Agimol Pradeep says: “Please don’t fall into this misguiding and misleading advertisements. Always follow NMC website for any updates. www.nmc.org.uk. NMC will be publishing the employer evidence format in the coming weeks as part of this change and that need to be signed and counter signed by NMC registered senior members from your workplace”.

“As per the current information from the NMC website NMC has not outsourced to replace oet and IELTS to any other institution/organisation. So please be vigilant. Not to fall into any false news/trap and waste your money”.

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