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Lockdown rules eased further from today: Pubs and restaurants open, hotels and cinemas open

Monday 17 May 2021 6:35 AM UTC

LONDON May 17: Today sees the biggest easing of Covid lockdown restrictions since the summer in the UK.

Groups of up to six people or a mix of up to two households will be able to meet indoors at a private residence.

Outdoors, groups of 30 will be allowed to meet again.

Hugging will also be allowed again between close family and friends, and social distancing becomes optional between close groups when socialising.

Pubs and restaurants will be able to serve customers indoors for food and drink, but customers must remain seated and table service must be given by staff.

Care home visits will also be eased, with residents able to have up to five named visitors, and low-risk visits can be made elsewhere by residents.

University students will be permitted to return to campus for in-person classes, replacing online lectures which have been in place largely for the past year.

The rules around funerals and weddings will also change.

Funerals will no longer be limited to 30 mourners, with capacity decided by venues according to how many can fit within social distancing guidelines.

Weddings, receptions and other ceremonies will be able to take place among groups of up to 30.

Hotels and B&Bs can also open, meaning small group trips will be allowed again – at a maximum of six people booking at once.

Professional performances, such as theatre and dance, as well as cinemas, will be allowed to perform indoors, with the audience adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Outdoor events of up to 4,000 people or 50 percent of venue capacity, whichever is smaller, will be able to take place again.

The ban on overseas travel for leisure purposes will also be lifted, with the Government’s traffic light system still limiting travel to certain areas.

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