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Kerala groom dresses in Minnal Murali’s superhero costume for his wedding (Video)

Thursday 27 January 2022 9:30 PM UTC

KOTTAYAM Jan 27: Malayalam film Minnal Murali was released on Netflix last month. The film follows the story of a tailor (played by Tovino Thomas) who gains super powers after being struck by lightning. The film has become a superhit with Tovino Thomas famed for his superhero costume.

Now a groom from Kerala is in the spotlight on social media for his unique wedding outfit for wearing the superhero costume for his marriage.

The groom Amal Raveendran showed up for his wedding dressed as Minnal Murali, a superhero from the Malayalam movie of the same name. Amal Raveendran’s red and blue costume was inspired by Tovino Thomas’ character from the film.

Speaking to Indian Express, the 29-year-old revealed that his relatives were supportive of the idea of him dressing up as a superhero.

“Our relatives were excited to see me in the costume after the shoot. My cousins had planned to wear superhero costumes on the wedding day. However, due to Covid and related restrictions, they could not attend the wedding. Many people were curious about the wedding after watching ‘save the date’ video,” he said.


Mr Raveendran was referring to his save the date video which had earlier gone viral online. For that video too, he had dressed up as Minnal Murali.

Meanwhile, the bride Anju KH said that while she had been reluctant about the ‘save the date’ video, the positive response it received put her doubts to rest.

“I was a bit reluctant during the save the date video shoot. However, it turned out well and we got positive response from friends and family. I was very enthusiastic during the post-wedding shoot. Some of my friends even call me ‘Minnal’,” Anju told Indian Express.

The couple based in Kottayam earlier did their ‘Save The Date’ shoot inspired by Minnal Murali and following the good response, they decided to go with the same for their post-wedding video shoot.

“We were excited about using the costume. My cousins too planned on wearing the superhero costume to the wedding. But we had to cut short on the guests due to Covid restrictions,” the groom said.

Raveendran, a photography enthusiast himself, said the video was shot instantly after the wedding as per the photographer’s directions. The bride Anju was excited to have a superhero feel to her wedding.


“During the first shoot, I was a bit nervous. The response we got from friends and family was massive and the second time around, I was looking forward to it,” she said.

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