Fishes deserting Kerala coast and moving to Tamil Nadu coasts due to warming weather conditions – UKMALAYALEE

Fishes deserting Kerala coast and moving to Tamil Nadu coasts due to warming weather conditions

Sunday 20 February 2022 6:40 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Feb 20: Declining catch of fishes from coast of Kerala is worrying fishermen and those who savour seafood. Normally there is a dearth of catches in the month from January to March but this year the catch has decline drastically, according to Malayala Manorama report.

According to the report, the fishes are said to be migrating from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal through the Indian Ocean.

Traditional fishing workers and researchers say the reasons for fish depletion is so severe due to several reasons. Most important among them is the change in weather conditions. The sea is getting warmer. In the present situation, the Arabian Sea is warmer than other nearby sea zones.

Fish and other marine life are finding it unable to survive in the Arabian Sea when it is overheated. Report says that Sardines (Chaala), Mackerel (Ayala), etc., which were abundant in the Arabian Sea, are now crossing Kanyakumari coast and travel to the eastern coasts.

Researchers say that large-scale ‘fish migration’ is the main reason why they are available on a large scale off the coast of Tamil Nadu when Sardines (Chaala), Mackerel (Ayala) are not available on the Kerala coast. The breeding and growth of fish has also been reduced due to the temperature in the Arabian increasing over the past 5-6 years.

Another reason is because of the increase in waste, including plastic, which is causing the sea to drift away from the coast of Kerala.

many of the fish that are commonly found in the sea in the chakara area are no longer available. A chakara is a peculiar marine phenomenon in which many fish and shrimps throng together during a particular season as part of mud bank formations.

Shrimp is the fish that attracts more to the coast through the chakara. However, the availability of shrimp has been reduced. The destruction of mangroves and so on, and the cover of rivers and streams to the sea, prevented the breeding of fish. There is widespread accumulation of waste in the sea. Experts agree that the new shipping route and the port of Vizhinjam pose a threat to fish production.

Uncontrolled fishing of mechanised boats is another cause of fish depletion.

Illegal fishing by huge ships of countries such as Taiwan and China also threatened fish wealth at sea. Ships that travel the world and fish. They also come close to the coast in the Arabian Sea.

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