Advice to customers Please book an appointment prior to arriving at the centre – UKMALAYALEE

Advice to customers Please book an appointment prior to arriving at the centre

Thursday 6 August 2020 6:31 AM UTC

London Aug 6: Before arriving at the centre please make sure, your documents are complete: Confirm you have photocopies of all the original documents

 All forms are signed and filled in correctly

 Ensure that you follow the guidelines regarding the photo size.
Print and bring your appointment letter with you
Observe Covid-19 SO guidelines set by the NHS, once in the VFS centre

 Please maintain 2 mt distance from all persons

 Please use face covering when visiting the VFS Centre.

 Please sanitize your hands regularly

 Please do not visit the centre if you have any Covid -19 symptoms
Please sit on the chairs marked for seating only
Applicants are required to wear face masks when visiting the VFS Centers, for safety of other customers and our staff. We are unable to allow applicants without any face coverings in VFS Centres.

Only one family member will be allowed in the centre at any one time. Should you need to submit an application on behalf of your immediate family then you can do so provided you show proof of your relationship.

(Immediate family examples: father mother, son or daughter, husband & wife)

Follow the signage displayed in the VFS Centre. This is for your convenience and safety.

Please note that we will not be accepting cash payments. Only debit card payments will be taken. Please do not walk in to the centre without an appointment as we will be unable to help you.

If possible, we recommend that children and elderly citizens should avoid visiting the VFS centre If you are wearing gloves and face covering, please do not take these off when in the centre Please dispose used gloves & masks in the appropriate bins provided at the VFS centre.

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