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UK citizens living in EU countries set to have their lives turned upside down by a no-deal Brexit

Tuesday 15 October 2019 4:13 AM UTC

LONDON Oct 15: Botched announcements by Boris Johnson’s government are putting over a million British citizens living on the continent at the risk of “retaliatory deportations” and other consequences after Brexit, the prime minister has been warned.

UK emigrants living in EU countries fear that a string of hardline statements and “domestic grandstanding” targeting migrants by British government ministers has “directly impacted” the way UK nationals will be treated by their host countries once the United Kingdom leaves.

Groups representing British citizens living across the 27 EU countries have written to Boris Johnson accusing the prime minister of viewing his own citizens as “simply not a priority” and of “undermining” their legal status.

They say rushed announcements by home secretary Priti Patel that she would end free movement, and recent comments by her deputy Brandon Lewis that EU citizens could be “deported”, are being noted in European capitals – which have said they will treat the 1.3 million British migrants in a “reciprocal” manner to their own citizens.

“We pointed out diplomatically and privately back in August how we were directly impacted by the home secretary’s statement that free movement would end immediately in the event of a no-deal Brexit,” the groups wrote in a letter to the prime minister seen by The Independent.

“Her name and announcement were mentioned specifically in meetings to us and in the European Parliament’s recent resolution on the UK-EU negotiations which raised grave concerns about how EU 27 citizens will be treated by the UK in the future.

“In an interview on 10 October – with a German newspaper, Die Welt – Brandon Lewis’s admission that EU citizens who fail to apply for settled status by the end of 2020 would be deported has again raised alarm bells.

Did he stop to think that the draft German no-deal contingency legislation on the status of some 107,000 British citizens in Germany is currently being debated in the Bundestag? And did he think about the consequences of using the term ‘deportation’ in a German historic context?

“It appears that ministers are either unaware or indifferent as to the consequences of their pronouncements on our position in the countries where we live and are either unaware or heedless of the principle of reciprocity.”

The 1.3 million British citizens living in EU countries – the vast majority working age – are set to have their lives turned upside down by a no-deal Brexit, and under the terms negotiated by the government would suffer a loss of rights even if a last-minute deal can be secured.

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