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Are you 50 and above? Be prepared for vaccinations this winter to prevent from flu and Covid

Monday 27 July 2020 4:13 AM UTC

LONDON July 25: The UK is set to launch its most expansive flu vaccination in September, with all over-50s in England offered the jab for the first time in order to combat a second wave of Covid-19.

With fears that the NHS could be overwhelmed with a bad flu season coinciding with the global pandemic, the UK government has managed to secure enough vaccinations to inoculate 30 million which is double the number that had the jab last year.

The vaccination is already available to the over 65s, people with certain chronic conditions, pregnant women, primary school children and healthcare workers, but will now also be extended to 50-to-64 year olds.

For the first time pupils in Year 7 who have turned 11 no later than August 31st will also be eligible. Those included on the shielded list will also receive priority at they are at a higher risk of Covid complications alongside members of their households.

Officials have been unable to say when those in the over-50 categories will be invited for the jab but emphasised that it would not be as late as February or March. Chief Medical Adviser, Chris Witty, has claimed that the flu will be fatal with Covid-19 still circulating and therefore need to “help reduce all avoidable risks”.

The news comes in the light of Oxford University’s recent breakthrough in the development of the Covid vaccine which is showing promising results in the first phase of clinical trials.

The government has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine, aiming for 30 million doses by the end of the year.

With the UK heading into a tough winter, the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has stated that this “will be the biggest flu vaccination programme in history and will help protect the NHS.” Despite the intense global competition, the government has managed to secure enough doses for the enlarged programme.

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