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Release of ship crew may get delayed

Tuesday 23 July 2019 3:02 AM UTC

KASARGODE July 23: The release of the crew of the Iranian ship seized by Britain is likely to get delayed though family members have been getting consoling phone calls from abroad.

According to resources, their release may get delayed by days. This is because of the delay in the release of the British ship seized by Iran.

There is little possibility for the release of ships from both sides as consensus has to be reached in the talks between the two countries at the diplomatic level.

Meanwhile, Kasargod Uduma native Prejith Purushothaman, who is on board the Iranian ship, says the release will become a reality within one month.

The Malayali crew has got this information from the British soldiers who had captured the Iranian ship.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan have started their efforts to bring back home the Malayalis in the ship.

Yesterday also Prejith had called his father and friends. “Though the ship was captured at gunpoint, the soldiers’ attitude afterward were warm and friendly.

The British force is providing us with timely food and they are also taking care of our health. They are also allowing us to make telephone calls.

Prejith and colleague are in the oil tanker seized by British forces from Gibraltar He had joined as the third engineer of the tanker just three months ago. The tanker was seized on July 4.