“No need to hand over CM’s responsibilities to anyone”: E P Jayarajan – UKMALAYALEE

“No need to hand over CM’s responsibilities to anyone”: E P Jayarajan

Monday 3 September 2018 12:34 PM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sept 3: Industries Minister E P Jayarajan said that there is no need to handover the duties of chief minister to anyone though he has gone to US for medical treatment.


He said that there won’t be any problem to take any critical decision in absence of the chief minister.


“All 19 ministers are working as a team under the chief minister. Therefore, there is no need to hand over the responsibility. The chief minister takes action after consulting with all the ministers. This process will be continued even in his absence”, said Jayarajan.


“There won’t be any disruption in disaster relief activities. The ministers will lead disaster relief activities focused on districts from September 10-15. The ministers have decided to go abroad to collect fund from Keralites living in foreign countries.


Their journey will be after September 15. The ministers are going abroad directly to help flood-affected Kerala.  Kerala need help from inside and outside the country for surviving the aftermath of floods. When ministers go directly, it will be more beneficial”, said Jayarajan.


“The government is giving Rs 10,000 to everyone who return homes from relief camps. The amount is being delayed since it was bank holiday. Necessary precautions are being taken to prevent epidemics from spreading.


The department of health is delivering free vaccination to prevent leptospirosis. People should cooperate in the activities to prevent epidemics”, said E P Jayarajan.