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Lady director raises allegation against actor Mukesh

Wednesday 10 October 2018 1:00 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct 10: A harassment allegation has been raised against actor and MLA Mukesh by lady director Tess Joseph.

Tess is a Mumbai based casting director and revealed this as part of the ‘Me Too’ campaign through her Twitter account.

Tess says that Mukesh misbehaved with her during the shooting of Malayalam quiz show ‘Kodeeswaran’ 19 years ago. “Mukesh had called me multiple times, and he tried to change my room next to his room.

Derek O Brien, my boss at that time spoke to me for an hour and gave me tickets to the next flight”, tweeted Tess Joseph.

Tess Joseph is an acclaimed Casting Director who has cast for international films such as Lion, Life of Pi, The Namesake, The Darjeeling Limited and several other movies