‘Kodiyeri pleasing Christians not as easy as pleasing Muslims’ – UKMALAYALEE

‘Kodiyeri pleasing Christians not as easy as pleasing Muslims’

Saturday 22 September 2018 2:18 AM UTC

KOCHI Sept 22: Malayalam film director Ali Akbar has alleged that the CPM has been trying to stand by nun rape case accused Bishop Franco, throughout the case.

“After taking sides with the accused, the party has been trying to create loop holes for facilitating the escape of the accused in the first phase. When the BJP stood by the victim in the abuse case, the CPM thought that the Church would turn against the BJP.

When the government stood by the victim, the party sided with the church and supported the bishop.

What happened was a shameless game played by the CPM to virtually take sides with both parties and gain the appreciation of the church. But the government soon find itself in a fix as the strike received huge public support.

The party that cut a sorry figure in P K Sasi’s abuse incident has once again shamed the party,” he says on his Facebook page.

Ali adds, “Mr Kodiyeri, Christian appeasement is not as easy as Muslim appeasement. And Christians are not people who accepts anything that Church says at face value.” His FB note says.