CPM promises minimum income of Rs 18000 for workers – UKMALAYALEE

CPM promises minimum income of Rs 18000 for workers

Friday 29 March 2019 2:22 AM UTC

NEW DELHI March 29: The election manifesto released by the CPM has promised a minimum income of Rs 18000 to workers. Releasing the election manifesto at the party’s headquarters in New Delhi, party’s general secretary Sitaram Yechuri said the party wants to make sure the representation of the CPM and left parties and ensure a secular democratic government in the centre.

Our main aim is to defeat the BJP, he said. Private companies will be avoided in the health insurance sector. There are fifteen promises including ensuring 50% excess price of the production costs.

35 kilo food grains will be given for Rs 2. Old age pension will be made Rs 6000 or half of minimum income.

Electoral tactics adopted by the party for the elections will be based on three objectives–defeat the BJP alliance, strengthen CPI (M) and the Left, and ensure secular government, says the manifesto.