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Collector submits report verifying bogus voting in Kerala

Monday 29 April 2019 12:12 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM April 29: In connection with the incident of bogus voting in Kannur and Kasaragod, the District Collector submitted a report as directed by the Chief Electoral Officer.

It is indicated the webcam operator explained to the collector that the visuals of bogus voting were not fake. The Chief Electoral Officer has asked the collector to submit a detailed report on the incident.

The collector had summoned the presiding officer, polling officer and webcam operator at booth number 19 as part of preparing the report.

The indelible ink is applied on the forefinger of the right hand if the person is casting an open vote. But all the persons in the visuals are seen applying ink on their left hands. The collector prepared the report including this information.

If the bogus voting is proven, the offenders will be prosecuted as per Section 32 of election rule. The penalty is fine and two years of prison time. Further charges for disguising, cheating can also be imposed.