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Modi’s positive energy still envelopes me: Mohanlal

Saturday 22 September 2018 2:23 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sept 22: Mohanlal recalls his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently and he shares an aspect on it in his blog.

Mohanlal describes the day as the most valuable day in his life.

“Even after three weeks, that positive energy is still within me. Whenever I stand close to a big personality or say good bye to him or her, there will be a subtle positive energy within me.

I’ve experienced that. There is no caste or politics to positive energy. It flows from man’s sincerity. Even after our meeting its waves are still in me,” he wrote on his blog

Mohanlal further describes the prime minister as the most patient listener.

 However, Mohanlal also adds they didn’t talk a word on politics. “Politics is different from nation building…” he says in an apparent bid to silence the rumours that he would be a BJP candidate for the next Lok Sabha election.