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Kerala Nurse Tested Positive For COVID-19, Writes Letter To The Virus

Wednesday 1 April 2020 11:25 PM UTC

KOCHI April 2: With doctors and nurses investing their time and efforts in selflessly curing the patients, India is fighting with the global pandemic coronavirus as hard as it can.

But are the healthcare professionals safe? A nurse from a Government Medical College Hospital recently tested positive for COVID-19. Twenty other members of the staff who came in contact with her are also being observed.

Addressing coronavirus, she shared a letter on Whatsapp, which went viral for obvious reasons. No, she isn’t feeling sorry for herself after catching the virus, but in turn, she feels sorry for the virus.

She sympathizes with it over its defeat in Kerala, which she credits with having a robust healthcare system. The nurse got infected after coming in contact with a Ranni-based couple who had tested positive for COVID-19.

In her letter titled ‘Uninvited Friend Who Came,’ she feels bad for her ‘friend’ (virus), whose plans are going awry. “My dear friend, you don’t know.

This is Kerala. Within one week, I will overpower you and leave this room.” She further expresses how the virus thought it’ll first infect her, lock her up in a room, and then go on to infect others. “But I blocked that plan nicely,” she writes.

“The friend had a misconception, that people can be scared away. Instead, the people around me started to take care of me and pray for me.

Though my friend, you tried to make me feel depressed, my colleagues, senior staff, doctors, nursing officers, and the government have been wholeheartedly supporting me.

This gives me the strength to fight you alone in this room,” she adds in her letter.