Will Stop Opposing PM If He Stops “Dividing” India, Says Rahul Gandhi – UKMALAYALEE

Will Stop Opposing PM If He Stops “Dividing” India, Says Rahul Gandhi

Wednesday 17 October 2018 4:18 AM UTC

SABALGARH, MADHYA PRADESH Oct 17: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today said he would desist from opposing Narendra Modi the day the prime minister stopped “dividing” the country and started helping the poor.

Campaigning for his party in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Mr Gandhi again attacked PM Modi over his alleged proximity to businessmen, saying he worked for a handful of rich people.

Addressing a public meeting in Morena district, he said, “Someone said yesterday that Rahul Gandhi opposes Narendra Modi. I say that I do not oppose for the sake of opposing, there is a reason.

“I will stop opposing Narendra Modiji the day he starts helping the shopkeepers, labourers and the poor. The day he stops the work of dividing the country, I will stop opposing Modiji.”

Accusing PM Modi of working for “15-20” rich people, Mr Gandhi said, “Until Modi talks about justice, waives the loans of farmers, stands with the labourers, whatever the rest of Hindustan says, Rahul Gandhi will stand against him, because I believe you people are behind the progress of the country.”

He alleged that the PM, in his Independence Day speech, had insulted the ancestors who toiled hard to build this country.

He accused PM Modi of helping his “friends” convert their black money through the demonetisation. “Two years ago, Modi had imposed demonetisation and made the entire country stand in queues.

Did we see a Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi or Anil Ambani in those queues? Modi helped them convert their black money into white,” he said.

Attacking the state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, he said, “Corruption is rampant in Madhya Pradesh. There is a hierarchy of corruption that reaches the chief minister and his family.”

“Scams like Vyapam have destroyed education in Madhya Pradesh and made it expensive. In the e-tendering scam, everyone knows who is involved.

Mr Gandhi said if voted to power, “The Congress chief minister will work hard for 18 out of 24 hours to create employment for the youth of Madhya Pradesh. We will not make false promises like the BJP, which had promised to give two crore jobs to the youth,” he said.

He promised to set up food processing units in each district of the state to promote the “Made In Madhya Pradesh” brand.