Onion Prices Shoot Up In Thiruvananthapuram To Rs. 100 A Kg – UKMALAYALEE

Onion Prices Shoot Up In Thiruvananthapuram To Rs. 100 A Kg

Monday 11 November 2019 4:07 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Nov 11: The prices of vegetables, primarily onions, increased drastically in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday. Consumers have been badly affected by the rising prices of vegetables, especially onions.

After two weeks, onion prices have reached Rs. 100 per kg.
“Prices are very high for onion. It was Rs. 50 per kg last week, now it is Rs. 80 per kg. For vegetables, there is a little hike but, it is still manageable,” Vaantha Kumari, a customer, told ANI.

The onion prices in the Chala mandi is around Rs. 80 per kg and for shallot onions, it is Rs. 90 per kg. The garlic cost around Rs. 240 for one kg.

People have started rationing their onion intake due to the soaring prices. Instead of one or two kg, they are just buying half kg. Some of them have started even avoiding it.

“Now onions are Rs. 80 per kg. The small onion is priced at Rs. 90 per kg. Last week it was Rs. 70. I am not buying till the price slips down,” said another consumer, Chandran.

Talking about the grim situation, a vendor named Nasar said, “Even though the prices are high, people have to purchase it as they cannot avoid it. The only difference is that they buy less.” – PTI