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Green tea can boost metabolism, say experts

Monday 20 January 2020 4:58 AM UTC

New Delhi, Jan 20: Green tea is popular among fitness enthusiasts and those trying to shed some kilos. Whether you are trying to boost your overall health, or just your metabolism, a couple cups of green tea can help massively, say experts.

We speak to Dolly Kumar, founder-director at Gaia – Good Health and Razi Khan, tea sommelier and director of sales and marketing at Typhoo Tea to find out. How does green tea help?

Kumar Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, and that’s why green tea can do wonders for your health.

Regular consumption of green tea enhances the body’s metabolism, aids weight loss and helps in case of obesity, helps reduce blood cholesterol, helps control anxieties and also has anti-aging benefits.

Khan Green tea has become a popular beverage worldwide, enjoyed by different age groups.

The drink comes with loaded antioxidants and nutrients. It has become a go-to beverage for those who are conscious about their health and fitness.