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34 Percent Indians Are Not Active Enough

Thursday 6 September 2018 11:05 PM UTC

NEW YORK Sept 7: The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that 34 percent of Indians are not active enough to keep their physical and mental health in a good state.

Citing the inactiveness figures across the world, it has said that absence of physical activities can lead to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart related problems among these people.

The data published by the world health body in The Lancet Global Health states that more than one in four adults globally (28% or 1.4 billion people) are physically inactive. However, in some countries it can reach up to one in three adults.

It also stated that women were found to be less active than men, with an over 8% difference at the global level (32% men vs 23%, women).

Appealing the people to adopt a physically active lifestyle, WHO shared the major finding of this report on its Twitter handle.

The paper was authored by four WHO experts, who pooled data from population-based surveys reporting the prevalence of insufficient physical activity.

Data from 358 surveys, with 1·9 million participants across 168 countries was analyzed to underline the trend.