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Two more patients killed after eating hospital sandwiches in Manchester

Saturday 15 June 2019 6:51 AM UTC

MANCHESTER June 15: Two more patients have been killed by a listeria outbreak after eating hospital sandwiches in England, bringing the death toll to five.
In one of the worst cases of food poisoning ever seen in the health service, six people were diagnosed with a serious listeria infection between April 25 and May 15 and three have since died at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Aintree Hospital in Liverpool.

On Friday, iAnother of the original six people diagnosed at the hospitals in the North West has also died, it emerged today.

Dr Nick Phin, Public Health England, said: “To date, there have been no patients linked to this incident outside healthcare organisations, but we continue to investigate.

“Swift action was taken to protect patients and any risk to the public is low. PHE is continuing to analyse all recent and ongoing samples of listeria from hospital patients to understand whether their illness is linked to this outbreak.”

All those who died had been given sandwiches supplied by The Good Food Chain, a company based in Stone, Staffordshire, whose Whole Lotta Good brand was developed specifically for hospitals “to meet patients’ needs” and “deliver more for less”.

It was revealed the outbreak was even worse than first imagined. An additional three cases have been identified, and one of these patients has died.

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