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Sadiq Khan calls for second Brexit referendum 

Monday 17 September 2018 3:12 AM UTC

LONDON Sept 17: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for another Brexit vote, saying the British public should get a “fresh say on our future”.

Mr Khan said the referendum should offer voters the choice of staying in the EU against any deal the government manages to strike – or against a “no-deal” Brexit if an agreement cannot not reached.

“I’ve become increasingly alarmed as the chaotic approach to the negotiations has become mired in confusion and deadlock, leading us down a path that could be hugely damaging – not only to London, but the whole country,” said Mr Khan.

He said the government had failed to put the national interest ahead of party politics and that only a “vague” bad deal or a no-deal were possible.

“Both these scenarios are a million miles away from what was promised during the EU referendum campaign,” said London’s mayor, claiming that independent analysis had forecast 500,000 fewer jobs across Britain by 2030 if a Brexit deal is not reached.

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