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Man left paralysed after eating Chinese chicken curry 

Friday 14 December 2018 2:24 AM UTC

WALES Dec 14: A man was left fighting for his life in an induced coma a couple of days after eating a chicken curry. David became unwell with food poisoning while watching his son play rugby after the dodgy meal.

The food poisoning unexpectedly brought on a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillian-Barré Syndrome, Metro news reported.

David was left paralysed from the face down, unable to talk and breath while on a ventilator for four months. He has finally learnt to walk on his own eight months after the Chinese curry nearly cost him his life.

The former driving instructor from Bridgend, Wales, said: ‘I felt fine until I had the chicken curry. ‘I just picked it up as a quick meal whilst a pupil was taking their test.

‘I regret it. I am almost certain that’s what caused it. I didn’t feel quite right. That night I felt a bit dodgy and I got really ill over the weekend. ‘I got ill really quickly. It just started with a tingling feeling.

It was absolutely terrifying. ‘It was like being a living hell. I didn’t know if I’d be able to see my kids again and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to walk again. ‘It was the thought of my kids that kept me going. I have been fighting for them.

I didn’t think I’d survive. ‘I did wonder if there would ever be a way out. All I want to do is play with my kids again and be a dad again.’ David picked up the meal from a roadside cafe and felt poorly while watching his seven-year-old son play rugby at Liberty Stadium in Swansea in April.

He thought it was just a ‘dodgy stomach’ but his condition deteriorated and he was rushed to the Princess Wales Hospital four days later on April 10.

Back in hospital, doctors discovered he had been suffering from campylobacter, the most common cause of food poisoning. Guillian-Barré Syndrome was triggered by the food poisoning and began to attack David’s nerve functions.

He was woken out of the coma in May and began the long and slow road to recovery. In September, he began daily physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and weekly aquatherapy sessions.

He then took his first steps in early November. David said: ‘It was like being a baby and having to learn how to do simple things again. My mind knew how to do everything but my body just wouldn’t respond.’

He was able to visit home and spend time with his children for the first time on December 8. David now has his sights set on sitting at the dinner table on Christmas Day surrounded by his loved ones.

‘To see my kids open their Christmas presents will be the most special feeling ever,’ he added.

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