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Labour will back a second referendum in bid to prevent no-deal Brexit

Tuesday 26 February 2019 2:00 AM UTC

LONDON Feb 26: Jeremy Corbyn has announced the Labour party will support a second EU referendum and said it is better than Theresa May’s ‘damaging’ deal.

It was yesterday revealed that the leader plans to tell MPs to support the Cooper-Letwin amendment, which aims to delay the UK’s exit date from the EU by extending Article 50 if a deal is not agreed by Parliament by March 13.

If that fails they will call for a People’s Vote on Mrs May’s final deal with the EU .

The announcement comes days after eight of his MPs quit the party, partly over their frustrations over his failure to back a public vote.

Parliament is due to debate and vote on the next steps on Brexit on Wednesday, and lawmakers are expected to put down proposals, or amendments, including those which would demand the exit deal is put to a public vote.

Corbyn is expected to speak tonight at a Labour gathering and accuse the Prime Minister of ‘recklessly running down the clock’ to force MPs to choose between either her deal or a no-deal.

Labour MP David Lammy said: ‘It is welcome news that the Labour Party is now, at long last, signalling it will accept the principle of giving the public the final say on Brexit.

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