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Keralite migrant NHS health workers holds meeting with Labour MPs to ramp up support for their rights

Wednesday 22 July 2020 12:31 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 22: After their victorious campaign to scrap immigration health surcharge, a levy charged by UK government from immigrants to access UK healthcare system, they are meeting a group of Labour Party MPS today morning.

A group of migrants have been campaigning against the IHS since 2018 along with Royal College Of Nursing. The group already managed to get support from Royal College of Nursing and their local MPS. Sophia James Kizhakethil, a intensive care nurse from Leicester says “our campaign already got voices in UK parliament and lots of MPs supporting us.

“We also managed to extend our campaign to other overseas health professionals and now Doctors association UK, Royal College of physicians and Unison also calling for granting permanent residence to overseas health workers. If all the health workers can write to their MPs to support and join the campaign to give ILR will make huge difference.

Mictin, a theatre nurse from Kerala work in Luton says:  “Aim of our campaign is not only gaining ILR, but also to end the harsh visa rules and other policies which make overseas health workers difficult to survive.

“Scraping off IHS is just a start, we  wanted to change this system from the root and end immigrants sufferings.”

Today leaders from this group meeting a group of Labour MPs including shadow ministers and putting forward their needs

1) ILR for health care workers with an option of citizenship

2)10 per cent pay rise for nurses and junior doctors

3) permit longer visa options like adult dependent visa for Overseas health workers parents to come and join them in UK

4)Scrap no recourse to public fund for foreign health workers

5) we need our money back!! Refund IHS from 2015

6)Reduce ILR and citizenship fee

7) End racism in NHS

8) Public enquiry regarding PPE shortage during the pandemic

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