Terminally ill Keralite from UK flown to Kerala with help from paramedics: Family hails support from Malayalee diaspora – UKMALAYALEE

Terminally ill Keralite from UK flown to Kerala with help from paramedics: Family hails support from Malayalee diaspora

Thursday 23 July 2020 1:29 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 23: During the times of the Covid pandemic the Keralite community in the UK has shown great resilience to support their community. Numerous associations and groups came forward to lend their support and solace to their community in times of need. Here we have another instance of where the community joined hands to help a terminally ill Keralite reach home as her last wish.

Speaking to this website Bindu, the family member of the ill UK Malayalee, had only words of thanks to several people who she came across to help and support her at one of the most difficult times she had faced in her life.

“I want to convey my gratitude to so many people who have supported me in this difficult journey and made an almost impossible task possible. All these wonderful people who stood by me are those whom I have never met or spoken to before.

“After a brave journey through her battle with brain tumour since 2016, when my 42-year old sister-in-law was advised by consultants at Barts hospital that they were moving her to palliative care, we were absolutely devastated.

“When she told me her wish to go home to her parents and siblings – I knew it was most improbable task at the time of the Covid pandemic but was determined to put all efforts to make this happen. There were multiple hurdles due to the international lockdown on flights to India.

“Repatriation flight was the only option but it came with several conditions. It was not just securing the flights but also due to the medical situation she could travel only if accompanied by two paramedics.

“When I managed to get a medical escort team, after contacting over thirty companies, the challenge I then faced was to get visas for them as they were foreigners and also had to get tickets for five passengers.

“It is at this point that all these people came forward to guide me, support me, stood by me, whom I cannot describe in any other way rather than forms of God.

“I cannot name them but I would like to mention that I had absolute guardians from Loka Kerala Sabha from UK, a former Indian High Commission official from India, a compassionate personnel from the High Commission of India UK – who gave me emotional and professional support throughout, a Malayalee councillor, a person who had travelled recently to India, Air India duty manager at Heathrow, Heathrow airport manager, a personnel from MAUK, NORKA roots, a travel agent from India and many more friends and family.

“Above all, I am extremely obliged and thankful to Abdul and Prof Van Vugt, the paramedic and Surgeon who travelled from Netherlands to accompany my sister, her husband and daughter to Palakkad and got her home safely on 20 July.

“Me and my family are eternally grateful to all these amazing people without whom this would not have been possible.”.

With all help and assistance Bindu secured the ill person reached Kerala by the Air India repatriation flight on 20th July 2020.

This was one exceptional circumstances where the whole of the UK Malayalee came together to offer Bindu the support required for her relative to be taken back home at distressing times which will always be remembered for ever.

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