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Indian Girl In Dubai Gets Accepted By 7 Top-Ranking US Universities

Sunday 28 April 2019 11:35 PM UTC

DUBAI April 29: It is a problem of plenty for a Dubai-based Indian girl who has been offered acceptance letters by seven prestigious US-based universities, including Ivy League schools, leaving her surprised as she never expected the variety of choices she has been left with.

Simone Noorali, 17, has been offered acceptance letters from the University of California in Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, Emory University, George Town University and George Washington University.

The girl who studied at the Uptown School in Mirdif in Dubai and has managed to keep straight A’s since Year 9 has also received acceptance letters from Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania.

“I honestly think there is no secret to being accepted into this many universities. The whole process is about discovering yourself. Everyone has something unique to offer,” Simone told the Khaleej Times.

“While applying to universities, it forced me to look back at my life and try to figure out the reason behind everything I did. I had explained all of that eloquently to universities in my college application essays,” she said.

Simone is also an accomplished pianist and has written a book on human trafficking in India titled ”The Girl in the Pink Room”, is being used in a few schools by teachers and students for research purposes.

When her acceptance letters started pouring in, Simone was surprised as she did not expect the variety of choices she is being left with, the report said.

Asked which university she would choose, Simone said her decision will be based on which varsity offers the best programme in international relations and economics.

“I would advise students to do what they love and not force themselves into doing anything. That”s such a big part of motivating yourself and finding what you love to do,” she said.

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