Going to Kerala? Beware of new safety rules implemented in Kerala for next one year due to Coronavirus: Read Govt Regulations – UKMALAYALEE

Going to Kerala? Beware of new safety rules implemented in Kerala for next one year due to Coronavirus: Read Govt Regulations

Monday 6 July 2020 4:24 AM UTC

Thiruvananthapuram July 6: Safety rules for the coronavirus pandemic will have to be followed for the next one year, the Kerala government said on Sunday. Wearing masks or face covers in public and social distancing are among the rules that will be mandatory.Masks will also have to be worn at workplaces and six feet of social distancing will apply everywhere.

Weddings can only be attended by up to 50 people and funerals by 20.

No manner of social gatherings, get-togethers, processions, dharnas, congregations or demonstration can be conducted without written permission from authorities. Participants in such gatherings will not exceed 10 people, the government said.

In shops and all other commercial establishments, the maximum number of people or customers allowed at a time shall not exceed 20 depending on the size of the room to maintain social distancing of six feet.

Spitting in public places, roads or pavements will be strictly banned.

Passes will not be needed for interstate travel but passengers will need to register at Jagratha e-platform.

Kerala, which had reported India’s first coronavirus case in late January, has logged 5,204 infections to date and has been seen by health experts as one of the most successful states in attempts to contain the coronavirus till now.


1.Short title and commencement.–(1) These Regulations may be called the KeralaEpidemic Disease Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Additional Regulations, 2020.

(2) They shall come into force at once and shall have effect for a period of one yearunless otherwise notified.

2. Regulations.–In addition to the Kerala Epidemic Disease Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020, all persons and institutions shall observe the following additionalregulations.

3. General precautionary measures to be observed by all persons for control of COVID-19.–To control and prevent spreading of COVID-19 in the State following measures shall be followed by all the persons:–

(a) Wearing of Mask/Face Cover .–All persons shall cover their mouth and nosewith the mask/face cover in all public places, work places, any place where public have access, allkinds of vehicles and during transport.

(b) Social Distancing.–All persons shall maintain a social distance of six feet between person to person in all public places and functions.

(c) Marriage Function.– In all marriage ceremonies and any functions thereafterthe maximum number of participants at a time shall not exceed fifty persons. All persons in suchceremonies/functions shall use sanitizer, wear face cover/mask and shall keep a social distance ofsix feet between them. Organizers of the marriage or functions shall provide sanitizer for the useof the participants.

(d) Funeral Functions.–In funeral functions the maximum participants at a timeshall not exceed twenty persons and all of them shall wear face cover/mask, use sanitizer and alsokeep a social distance of six feet between them. In the case of COVID suspected death the standinginstructions issued by Government of India and State Government shall be complied.

(e) Social Gathering.–No manner of social gathering including get together, processions, dharna, congregation, demonstration etc., shall be conducted without the written permission of the concerned authority.

The maximum participants in such social gathering shallnot exceed ten persons. The persons participating in such gathering shall wear face cover/mask,use sanitizer and observe a social distance of six feet between them.

(f) Shops and commercial establishments.–In shops and all other commercialestablishments the maximum number of persons/customers permitted at a time shall not exceedtwenty depending on the size of the room to keep social distancing of six feet between persons.

All the persons and customers in the shop shall wear face cover/mask and shall observe a socialdistancing of six feet between them. Owner of the shop shall provide sanitizer for the use ofcustomers.

(g) Prohibition of spitting in public places.– No person shall spit in public places,road or footpath.

(h) Registration in ‘COVID-19 Jagratha e-platform’.– All persons intend to visitKerala from other States/Union Territories and from any other country shall furnish the details as prescribed in the web enabled ‘COVID-19 Jagratha e-platform’ established by the Government forcontact tracing, ensuring quarantine and other COVID-19 combating measures to minimize the potential of spread of the epidemic

i) Inter-State stage carriage road transport.– The regular operation of Inter-Statestage carriage road transport from and to Kerala by public and private sectors shall remainsuspended.

3 This is a digitally signed Gazette. Authenticity may be verified through https://compose.kerala.gov.in/

4. The District Collectors shall ensure due compliance of the regulations.

5. Whoever contravenes any of these regulations shall be punishable under the provisionsof the Kerala Epidemic Diseases Ordinance, 2020.

By order of the Governor,

RAJAN NAMDEV KHOBRAGADE Principal Secretary to Government.

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