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Boris Johnson promises £1.8bn to boost the NHS

Monday 5 August 2019 4:54 AM UTC

LONDON Aug 5: Boris Johnson is to inject £1.8bn into the NHS as part of his pledge to upgrade 20 hospitals across the country, it has emerged.
The new prime minister has used a boost in health funding as part of an attempt to build a domestic agenda beyond Brexit, with his team well aware that they could be forced into an election this year.

But experts have already warned that the fund may not be enough even to cover the upgrades Johnson has already promised.

Full details of the plan are set to be revealed on Monday, but it is understood the new funds will be directed straight to the front line for new beds and updated equipment.

It is also set to include upgrades to wards and some building repairs. The money is set to be made available immediately, though Downing St has not revealed where it will come from.

Johnson has already made clear he is willing to spend more money on public services, using the so-called “fiscal headroom” created by the previous government’s spending plan.

The headroom was supposed to help the economy in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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