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Too much alcohol will leave your skin permanently damaged

Friday 10 May 2019 2:56 AM UTC

LONDON May 10: Skincare expert Debbie Thomas has warned that as well as wreaking havoc with your complexion and leaving you looking bloated, you run the risk of dark circles, redness and acne flare ups.

The London-based dermatologist, whose famous clients include Dua Lipa, Jourdan Dunn and Poppy Delevingne, but while some of these may be short term, you run the risk of permanent damage.

Presenter Susannah Reid recently revealed that she’s given up alcohol because it was causing blemishes and flare-ups that were leaving her with scars.

But according to Debbie, scarring is only one possible long-term effect, as repeated dehydration caused by alcohol can leave the skin so damaged that it stops producing new cells over time.

She said: ‘If you are drinking regularly then eventually the production of new skin cells will be affected, as without enough H20 skin health and its regeneration abilities will be compromised.’

Prolonged periods of dehydration in the skin will mean an increase of the appearance of fine lines, a dull complexion, dark circles and a weakening of the skin’s protective barrier function (aka the skin shield that’s function it is to keep good things, like moisture, in and bad things, like pollution, out).

A damaged barrier function will result in the skin becoming more sensitive due to the irritants penetrating the skin, so it’s likely to go red and blotchy.

It also means that when you do finally get enough hydration, it won’t be able to retain the moisture effectively – so the water evaporates through the barrier before the skin cells can use it.

Only drinking occasionally is better for your skin, but don’t think you will escape the dehydration drain.