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Mission Better Tomorrow: Mohanlal’s talk on how he manoeuvres life’s obstacles in daily life goes viral

Saturday 24 October 2020 7:34 AM UTC

T Haridas, Mohanlal and Vijayan IPS

By Balagopal

LONDON October 24: Padmabhushan Mohanal’s talk titled “Living a Legacy” at the weekly interactive talk show hosted by Mission Better Tomorrow gave an unique insight into his life and on how he manoeuvres the obstacles in daily life.

Mohanlal was speaking at the 30th edition of Pos (Positivity) – Poss (Possibilities), a weekly interactive talk show hosted by Mission Better Tomorrow (MBT) every Friday at 7pm Indian time (2.30pm UK time) in the context of the Covid epidemic. The interactive talk show puts forward the fact that when life is hard and the future is uncertain, all we need to move forward is with willpower, positivity, and a constant search for possibilities.

Mission Better Tomorrow patron Vijayan IPS, a voracious reader and motivational orator, opened the talks with a brilliant introduction on the title “Living a Legacy” and the importance of instilling positivity and possibilities in individuals at time of the Covid pandemic.

An accomplished and highly effective public speaker, Vijayan is very much in demand for his ability to deliver motivational speeches on a wide range of topics. As an Indian Police Service officer and a socially oriented Officer in uniform, he holds the unique distinction of being the first to have served as Commissioner of Police in all four Commissionerates in the state Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kochi.

Vijayan IPS set the whole ambience of the talk by prepping the listener and upskilling them with the need for each one of us to be enabled to create a glorious legacy, which is the quest behind Mission Better Tomorrow. He used the platform to send out some very sound messages to the community for them to use their life to create a glorious legacy by unleashing the human potential ingrained within each one of us.

He also calls upon each one of us to be aware that leaving a legacy is not a generosity but it is our responsibility. He wants each one of us not to take granted what we have been offered by life but to live it to full and leave it a better place for the next generation.

In the interactive session, people from all over the world posed questions at Mohanlal on how he carries himself in life and how he is able to steer clear through the challenges he faces daily in life. His replies were awe-inspiring when he starts to open up the treasure house of his approaches towards life with simple examples which shows the polished man he is and who has carried himself well and obviously living a legacy.

In response to one of the questions he replies saying that problems don’t appear in front of us just like that. It is us who would have given those problems shapes or forms to start with. Therefore, he says, it’s the insight one should have on how to identify, face or address them when problems start appearing. In the talk he gives the listeners a wide array of scenarios on how he addresses life’s travails.

T Haridas, a former official from the Indian High Commission in London, asked Mohanlal on how he is able to sustain a lifestyle in all propriety. In response Mohanlal said that he doesn’t plan anything in life. As an actor he goes through different situations but he stays focused and gets his job done beautifully. He would would always strive to finish what he does by giving his best effort in all tasks he sets upon. Mohanlal reminisced that few years back when T Haridas requested him to sing a song of Lord Guruvayoorappan for him he had to prepare well and ensure that he sung it by giving his best effort into it. Mohanlal also didn’t forget to share his camaraderie with T Haridas from yesteryears and wished Nanma UK all his support.

The video is a treat for those who are looking to hear from a man who had carried himself well in life and at work. All this makes the video more important as it is sure to help all to pick a few hints on how to negotiate life’s ordeals.

Mohanlal’s talk on ‘Living a Legacy’ was Live streamed on Mission Better Tomorrow’s various social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. (YouTube.com/c/mbtunited, Mission Better Tomorrow, Instagram.com/mbtunited). The video has already had millions of views on various channels.

Through the last 29 talks, Pos-Poss has been successful in achieving the goal of influencing economically, socially and emotionally exhausted human minds with positive thoughts. Pose-Pose, which currently has over 3 million Live viewers worldwide, is watched by millions of people over and over again.

More than 60 experts from various fields have already participated in the series of talks which includes Former CEO of Infosys Shibulal, film director Ranjith, Kannur Range DIG K. Sethuraman IPS, Director of Fisheries Rajamanikyam IAS, US President Obama’s Election Campaign Manager Henry F. Decio, Anju Bobby George, traveler and author Santosh George Kulangara.

The goal of Mission Better Tomorrow is to strive for the completion of a peaceful, productive and progressive society by enabling our youth to discover the innate talents and thereby motivate them to lead positive changes in society.

Nanma Foundation is a social movement based in the state of Kerala dedicated to spread compassion and goodness among the needy number of our society. Nanma is a concept primarily developed from Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine of Trusteeship. It is a social movement dedicated to spread compassion and goodness among the needy members of our society.

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