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Kerala expatriates form new political party and registers with Election Commission of India

Friday 20 May 2022 7:03 AM UTC

DUBAI May 20: A new political party has been formed with its base in the Gulf. The new political party led by expatriates is named as Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) and is now registered with the Election Commission in India.

Rajendran Vellapalath, national council chairman of KPA, said the need for a party focusing on expatriates was felt as there are about 18 million Indians living abroad but they are neglected by governments and mainstream political parties.

Apart from working for ‘pravasi’ Indians, the party aims to utilise the exposure and experience that the expatriates have gained in various fields for the betterment of India.

Vellapalath said: “We aim to build a self-sufficient, corruption-free New India with participation of Pravasi Indians, using their international experience and exposure, work experience, expertise, strength and enthusiasm to overcome any challenge.”

What will also set the party apart from its mainstream contemporaries is that its leaders will not engage in ‘hartals’ or ‘bandhs’

At present, the party has a 36-member national council and has established groups in 941 local bodies across Kerala.

The expat community covers over one-third of the population of Kerala, contributes about 37 per cent of the GDP of the state and hence the association has started its activities from Kerala.

KPA has identified implementation of expatriates’ views in 36 areas, including agriculture, environment protection, industrial development and manufacturing sectors.

Vellapalath said they will also begin a website called ‘keralastart’ to help start-ups and ‘Keralashree’ for formulating programmes to help women. These will begin in Kerala as pilot projects and the party plans to extend it to other parts of the country.

KPA has also decided to field candidates in the upcoming elections.

The objective is to implement the views of expatriates in 36 areas related to the daily lives of the people of this country.

1) Expatriate welfare, 2) poverty alleviation, 3) agriculture sector, 4) dairy development 5) fisheries development6) environment protection7) industrial sector 8) product manufacturing, 9) public sector undertakings, 10) micro, small enterprises (11) medium enterprises, 12) food processing sector, 13) traditional sectors, 14) information technology, 15) tourism, 16) start-ups, 16) start-ups, 16) development of the world. 19) elimination of unemployment (20) skill development (21) old age protection (22) health sector (23) medical care and public health (24) drinking water (25) infrastructure development (26) transport infrastructure development, 27) energy sector (28) sanitation Kerala (29) insurance coverage (30) renewable energy, (31) Electric Vehicles (32) Drug Free Kerala (33) e-Governance (34) Women Security (Kerala Sree) (35) E-Distribution (36) Housing Security

The Kerala Pravasi Association will function as an independent political party in India that works 100% through crowdfunding by submitting clear figures to the central election commission by accepting generous donations from the people through bank accounts with transparency.


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