A Level results announced: Meet Keralite students in UK who have come out in flying colours: Majority want to be doctors – UKMALAYALEE

A Level results announced: Meet Keralite students in UK who have come out in flying colours: Majority want to be doctors

Thursday 13 August 2020 10:43 PM UTC

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: From left: Feyon Jojo, Jacob Raju,  Navanandan and Navarasan (top right) and Jeslyn and Donna (bottom right)

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Aug 14: The England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s A-level and AS-level results, and A-level equivalent technical qualifications were published on Thursday morning. The Advanced Level, universally referred to as an A-Level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in the UK.

Although the results were good news to many, there is anger among schools, colleges and students, after nearly 40 per cent of A-level grades awarded on Thursday were lower than teachers’ predictions.

See below news about Malayalee students who have come out in flying colours.

Jacob Raju from Liverpool

Jacob Raju got an excellent A Level result. He received A* in English Language & Literature, As in Biology and Chemistry. This means he is now able to achieve his dream of joining for his favourite subject Medicine at Sheffield University. He had got offers from all the universities he had applied for.

An elated Jacob said: “I was supported by my parents and family who prayed for me and helped me with my studies. My school (St Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool) also gave me lots of good advice but above all by the grace of God.

Jacob is son of Lisamma Mlavil and Raju Thomas from Liverpool. His brother Sam Jacob is doing Forensic sciences at DeMontford University.

Feyon Jojo from Liverpool

Feyon Jojo from Liverpool scored all As for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

He will be joining to do Electrical and Electronic engineering in Birmingham.

Feyon is son of Jojo Mathew and Jeen Jojo.

A happy Feyon said: “Hard work pays off”.

Jithin Sajan from Liverpool

Jithin Sajan from Liverpool scored 4A*s for Maths, Advanced Maths, Economics and Chemistry and A for EPQ. He will now be going to do Economics at London school of Economics.

Jithin, a student at Blue Coat in Liverpool, had consistently maintained outstanding academic results at GCSE Level too.

He is the son of Sajan Thomas and Susan Sajan from Liverpool.

Navanandan and Navarasan from Preston

Twin brothers from Preston, Navanandan and Navarasan who scored excellent results have chosen to do Medicine in Manchester. Navarasan scored A Star in all four subjects and Navanandan got one A star and three As. Their parents Pradesh and mother Aji are employees of Preston Royal Hospital.

Jeslyn of Stoke-on-Trent

Jeslyn from Stoke-on-Trent is an avid computer enthusiast. Jeslyn scored three A*s and two As in the five subjects he took. Jeslyn is preparing to graduate in aerospace technology at the University of Bristol.

His sister Jenita is an M.Pharm third year student. Jenita and Jeslyn are children of Stoke Hospital staff nurse Jancy and accountant Thomas.

Donna Josh of Warrington

Donna A of Warrington, who had achieved A Star in the entire subject for her GCSEs has excelled in her ALevel results too. Donna is preparing to join Biochemistry at the prestigious Oxford University, earning an A star and three A’s in four subjects.

Donna is the daughter of the Josh-Jincy couple.

Anita Sibin

Anita Sibin, a Malayalee girl, also got A Stars in two subjects and A in one subject. Anita is now preparing to study law in Cambridge.

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