Calling on artistes in UK to perform as part of Kerala chief minister's visit on Oct 9

Calling on artistes in UK to perform as part of Kerala chief minister's visit on Oct 9

LONDON Sept 20: Government of Kerala has decided to conduct the Loka Kerala Sabha Europe and UK Regional Conference on 9th October 2022 in London. The Regional Conference will be held as an extension of the Third Loka Kerala Sabha held at the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 17-18 June 2022. Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan, is expected to visit UK Malayalees as part of his European tour. NORKA, a Kerala Government undertaking, has accredited the planning and coordination of the CM’s visit to Loka Kerala Sabha members and other community organisations in the UK. The organising committee is planning to hold a diaspora meet and cultural event on Sunday, 09 October 2022, in the afternoon at a venue in West London. The responsibility to coordinate the cultural aspects of the event has been vested with the Malayalee Association of the UK (MAUK) (FB, YouTube, Insta: mauklondon). MAUK hope to include as many UK Malayalees as possible in this event. If you wish to perform cultural programmes at the event, MAUK requests you to contact them on 07960212334 / 07775 435932 by 8pm on Saturday 24 September 2022. Please note the following conditions apply: Classical, semi-classical, folk and folk/classical fusion music, dance or theatre performances of a high standard will be prioritised. Kerala-themed and group performances will be prioritised. Solo performances are not allowed unless in highly exceptional circumstances. Only one performance allowed per artist unless in exceptional circumstances. All performances must be under 6 minutes. Performances with political connotations will not be selected. Due to the restrictions in funds, organisers can only meet the nominal cost. Below is a list of programmes that will be considered: - Bharathanatyam - Mohiniyattom - Keralanadanam - Kerala folk dance & music - Thiruvathira - Oppana - Margam kali - Kerala-themed welcome dance - Group Semi-classical fusion dance - Group Cinematic dance - Jugalbandi - Musical fusion - Kalari demonstration - Theatre arts - Performance poetry (Malayalam) - Chendamelam/fusion


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    Bharatnatyam/ Mohiniattam / Semiclassical dance

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