UUKMA 2021 calendar getting ready: Register now to obtain copies

UUKMA 2021 calendar getting ready: Register now to obtain copies

By A Staff Reporter LONDON Nov 19: Union of UK Malayalee Associations (UUKMA) have been publishing yearly calendars for the Kerala community in the UK. UUKMA calendars can be used as a year planner to write down and memorize work days, holidays and birthdays. Although mobile phones are widely used as calendars, the beauty and relevance of traditional calendars has not been lost, given the growing number of UUKMA calendars each year. As in previous years, UUKMA Calendar is being distributed to UK Malayalees this year for free. Arrangements are being made for the UUKMA calendars to be delivered to the member associations by mid-December. Member Associations requiring UUKMA Calendars need only inform the respective Regional Presidents of the number of calendars required. Other organizations and individuals in need of the calendar should contact Adv. Eby Sebastian (07702862186), Tito Thomas (07723956930) and Selena Sajeev (07507519459) or they can contact directly or through UUKMA Regional Officers. Click on the link below to register to receive UUKMA Calendar. CLICK TO REGISTER


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