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Video of Keralite caught chatting with ‘decoy’ 14 year old girl resurfaces: Lessons for newly arrived migrants

Thursday 19 January 2023 8:36 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Jan 19: A video of a Keralite being caught through a sting operation by volunteers who operate online as decoys to nab sex predators has resurfaced on social media and has become the talk of the town and raising the necessity of making the newly arrived about the pitfalls.

The incident, which was recorded and is still available on social media, happened in October 2021 and the said Keralite from Manchester was arrested and sentenced last year. However, in total this is the third incident in the last three years where a newly arrived Keralite has been caught in such a heinous act – trying to engage with sex chat with underage girls online or by phone.

The Keralite husband and father of a child, who then, arrived to the UK only two months back, travelled from his home in Manchester to Newcastle in the hope of meeting up with someone he thought was a 14 year old girl. He started chatting with a decoy who published her age as 18 but then later revealed to him as ‘she’ being only 14. Despite knowing this, the conversation was moved from Scout to WhatsApp. The conversations became very explicit and then it led to the Keralite travelling to Newcastle where he was stopped by the sting operators.

He was recorded Live and conronted by the volunteers from the sting operation team and they narrated what turned out to that the 14 year old he was chatting to was actually a decoy (a person used to lead another into a trap). Although the decoy (acting as 18 initially and then revealing that she is 14) provided the catalyst for more sexual conversation the Keralite is said to have taken the lead from then on.

In court, the Keralite was defended by his counsel by stating that his client was just fantasising and the suggested meetings were ‘never realistic’. The court observed that as the Keralite did not go through with that plan by his own choice and the harm he caused was ‘thankfully’ relatively minimal and as the 14-year-old’ did not exist therefore, it was all fantasy.

The Keralite was given a 24 month community order for sexual communications with a child, and he must complete the Horizon rehabilitation programme. He was fined and asked him to ensure he will sign the sex offenders register for five years. This will result in his DBS checks to come out stating that he is not supposed to be given work where children are involved.

It is not the first time a Keralite have been caught in such acts. In total there have been three Keralites who were caught by online sting operations Live on camera and still doing the rounds on social media. Let this be a message for the community that online volunteers are there to catch you out if you act dirty, in particular with underage children.

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