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UUKMA invites association representatives for regional and national elections

Monday 28 January 2019 12:27 PM UTC

LONDON Jan 28: The Union of United Kingdom Malayalee Associations (UUKMA) has invited UK Malayalee assocaitions to nominte three respresentatives from their organisaitons for them to be considered for electing the regional committee.

These three members will be the representatives to UUKMA for the Regional and National elections 2019 as per UUKMA bye-law suggests.

The associations can complete the UUKMA Representatives Declaration Form by visiting www.uukma.org

UUKMA (Union of UK Malayalee Associations) is an umbrella organization of UK Malayalee Associations. It is a non-profit organization, most broadly, it serves to cultivate and support the exchange of ideas between Malayalee Associations in the UK.

To this end, UUKMA promotes a deeper understanding of Malayalam language, literature, and art.

Through its meetings and programs, it seeks to promote fellowship through cultural exchange and to provide for the artistic, literary and intergenerational needs of the wider Kerala community (basically from Southern India) as it interacts with interested members of other cultures.

This secular organisation is dedicated to the enrichment of its diverse membership through regular programs that foster understanding of various rituals and traditions.

UUKMA (Union of U.K Malayalee associations) was formed in its first general body meeting at Leicester on 4th July 2009. Its first name was UKMA (UK Malayalee Association) later changed to UUKMA due to formalities related to registration.

There are around 120 associations that enjoy the membership of this prestigious organization.

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