UUKMA Charity Foundation “Uyir” to help deal with psychological stress in the context of corona – UKMALAYALEE

UUKMA Charity Foundation “Uyir” to help deal with psychological stress in the context of corona

Tuesday 28 July 2020 3:13 AM UTC

Shaji Thomas (UUKMA Charity Foundation)

LONDON July 28: The world is at a loss as to how to react to the Covid pandemic that has changed the lives of ordinary people.

The loneliness and isolation began to suffocate the UK Malayalees in many ways. Mental health of parents and children in the family is being severely affected by maintaining social distance and having to stop going out for recreation.

While it is imperative that this trend be addressed with compassion and consolation, the UUKMA Charity Foundation, a charity of UUKMA, is coming forward with a project called “Uyir” to help UK Malayalees with their mental health.

The name “Uplift Your Inner Resilience (UYIR)” is derived from the English word meaning “increase our survival”.

The project is being conceived by the UUKMA Charity Foundation in collaboration with experts in the field of mental health, recognizing that the mental health issues raised by Corona are causing crises in Malayalee families in the UK, both knowingly and unknowingly.

The intervention of trained individuals is definitely needed in such matters that lead to depression and other mental health problems.

The main thing is to provide an opportunity to talk to people who are experienced in topics such as psychiatry, yoga and physical fitness.

In the first phase, one hour in the evening two days a week is planned to set aside for this purpose.

Shaji Thomas, Tito Thomas, Varghese Daniel and Baiju Thomas, who are in charge of the UUKMA Charity Foundation, said that the organisers will maintain strict privacy in matters related to this.

UUKMA National Committee President Manoj Kumar Pillai, Secretary Alex Varghese and Vice President Eby Sebastian wished all the best to UUKMA Charity Foundation’s ‘Uyir’ with the vision that the UK Malayalee community, along with all other communities, should be able to survive this ordeal.

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