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Thrissur District Families gathered in Hemal hemstead

Monday 13 August 2018 12:17 AM UTC

Mohandas Kunnancheri

LONDON Aug 13: UK Thrissur District Families gathered in Hemalhemstead 5th time. It was conducted at Highfield Community Hall, Hemalhemstead, Greater London. Around 45 Families attend the function and function was inaugurated by Loughton Town Council Ex-Mayor Philip Abraham.

UK Thrissur District Sahurdavedi President Adv. Jaison Jose Presided over the function.

Various Cultural activities were presented by children and adults of the community members. Siciley George, the famous Malayalam writer in UK and Dr. Biju Peringathara, who is Chairman of Sevanam UK were Congratulated in the event.

Organisation conducted a seminar about ‘Healthy living in UK ‘by Dr. Godwin Simon who is one of the famous Doctors in NHS, UK.

Felicitation speech done by Solicitor Suresh (Krish Morgan Solicitors, London), Dr. Sunil Krishnan (UK-Thrissur Medical College Old students organisation representative), Muralee Mukundan (Ex Patron,

Thrissur District Sahurdavedi UK) and A.P Radhakrishnan. The Local lead J.P. Nangany welcomed everyone to the function and Geeson Kadavy (Vice president Thrissur District Sahurdavedi, UK) gave vote of thanks to thanks to each and every one.

Raffle ticket prizes were distributed by Philip Abraham (Ex-Mayor of Loughton Town Council). The function was a success because of the generous efforts of J.P.Nangany, Shiny Geeson, Mohandas Kunnancheri, Mincy Jojy, Sheila Ramu and Brinto Antony.

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