These are all man-made miseries: Murali Thummarakudy – UKMALAYALEE

These are all man-made miseries: Murali Thummarakudy

Friday 10 August 2018 1:31 AM UTC

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Aug 10: Disaster Management expert Murali Thumarakudy has said all the current flood-related miseries have been caused by humans who built houses in flood-prone areas and set up factories on proclaimed paddy lands. “They have invited trouble by their own acts,” he said.

 “Actually, flood is not a natural calamity. Rain is a natural phenomenon and it is natural for water to rise when it rains. Even if people forget the borders of a river, the latter is not going to forget its borders. This calamity is an example for this,” he explained.

He alleged that government and officials failed in opening dams before they were full.“We’ll have to think about the situation when Idukki-Idamalayar dams where opened after evacuating people there to a safe place. At least from now on, such situation should be avoided…”

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