MAUK Women’s Forum’s online meet on July 4 to review and discuss Madhavikutty’s Neermathalam Poothakalam – UKMALAYALEE

MAUK Women’s Forum’s online meet on July 4 to review and discuss Madhavikutty’s Neermathalam Poothakalam

Saturday 3 July 2021 7:25 AM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 3: Malayalee Association of UK (MAUK)’s Women’s Forum will host the Akshara Book Club online meet where they will review and discuss noted writer and poet Madhavikutty’s novel Neermathalam Poothakalam (When the Neermathalam (flower) Bloomed).

Neermathalam Pootha Kalam is a collection of cherished memories of noted writer and poet Madhavikkutty which gives a nostalgic effect to the readers.

Madhavikutty or Kamala Das, was an Indian poet in English as well as an author in Malayalam from Kerala, India. Her popularity in Kerala is based chiefly on her short stories and autobiography, while her oeuvre in English. She was also a widely read columnist and wrote on diverse topics including women’s issues, child care, politics among others etc.

The online Zoom meeting will read together the novel and alongwith it review and discuss the book.

Even if you haven’t read the book you can join in and be part of the whole discussion.

Zoom link details below

Meeting ID: 898 6552 0284
Passcode: BOOK

For further details please contact 07543062252

Neermathalam is a flower, in English it is from the Garlic Pear tree or Three-leaved Caper. Neermathalam Pootha Kalam (When the Neermathalam Bloomed)is a story about author Kamala Das’ school days up until 14 years and in between speaking about husband Das’s mother and other details about their ancestors. The book spoke about the olden times which included days before her birth, to her generation and a bit about the generation after it.

It is autobiographical, it speaks about her life in Calcutta (Calicut) and her holidays in her native Malabar. It not only speaks about her but also about the view points of her parents, grandmother, aunt’s, uncle, friends, maids etc, it is about her as a girl, learning and understanding good, bad and life from many people’s opinions and her encounters in life.

The teenage marriage at the age of 15 was not only her friends story but hers too. Marrying much older guys whose age can be compared to their uncle or father was a common matter. Kamala, saw sexual frustration, discrimination & male dominacne in decision making, she also witnessed British standards and discrimination from their side from school and many other ways.

A very interesting book, suggested to those who are interested in a normal Indian’s life, in the times of British India.

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