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Malayalee Association in London to begin welfare checks on elderly

Thursday 19 March 2020 5:35 AM UTC

LONDON March 19: The world is in the grip of Coronavirus. As grave uncertainty and tension lingers it is inevitable that we all will be affected at some point or other. 

Despite the talk of self-isolation and distancing, now more than ever before, we need to uphold our sense of community and be there for each other.

Since the health and safety of our community members is paramount, MAUK have suspended its regular gatherings and classes until further notice.

To ensure the mental wellbeing of the elderly, we will be checking in on all our elders service users on a regular basis – via phone calls.

  If you would like MAUK volunteers to check in on you elderly relatives or friends please forward their name and number to 07960212334.

During this time of great anxiety, MAUK would like to guarantee that all their volunteers and resources are ready to support the community members in all possible way as the situation dictates.

“If you are asked to self-isolate we will do our best assist you 24 hours a day by delivering essentials to your door or call you for a friendly chat to reassure them.

If you or your friends or family requires the support of MAUK please contact us via phone, WhatsApp or email”, said a press note.

For further details please contact 07960212334 | 07809 295200 | 07961 454644 | 07785 462439

In the meantime we request you act responsibly by not forwarding fake news and misinformation and remind you to stay safe by following the advice given by Public Health England.

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