Last date to register for Kerala Boat Race is June 30: Register now – UKMALAYALEE

Last date to register for Kerala Boat Race is June 30: Register now

Tuesday 28 June 2022 7:22 AM UTC

LONDON June 28: The last date for accepting applications for the registration of teams participating in the boat race in connection with the ‘Kerala Pooram 2022’, organized by UUKMA (Union of UK Malayalee Associations) with people’s participation, will be Thursday, June 30 Adv Eby Sebastian informs.

Preparations are underway to make the first event of the newly-appointed UUKMA National Committee under the leadership of Dr Biju Peringathara and Kurian George a grand success.

On July 29, 2017, the first boat race in Europe, titled ‘Kerala Boat Race & Carnival 2017’, was held under the auspices of the previous UUKMA governing body, under which Mammen Philip was the president, at Rugby Drakot Lake in Warwickshire. Karichal Chundan, who rowed the Wooster Themmadis Boat Club led by Noby K Jose, won the title in the first competitive boat race in which 22 teams competed.

In the second competition titled ‘Kerala Pooram 2018’ at Oxford Farmour Reservoir, 32 teams participated in the boat race, while Thayankari Chundan, who rowed the Liverpool Jawahar Boat Club led by Thomas Kutty Francis, bagged the first place. When the third boat race was held at Manvers Lake in Rotherham near Sheffield, Theyankari Chundan of the Liverpool Boat Club led by Thomas Kutty Francis retained the title.

Other teams have also come forward with their heads and waists tightened to challenge Thayankari Chundan, who is gearing up for a hat-trick of titles. Therefore, it is expected that this year’s boat race will reach the peak of the excitement.

UUKMA has expressed interest in more teams coming forward to participate in the boat race this time. However, the organising committee intends to limit it to 24 teams for the proper conduct of the competition and to ensure more opportunities for the teams.

Since boat race is the most important item in the events associated with ‘Kerala Pooram 2022’, experienced people have been entrusted with the responsibility of boat race team management & training.

Jayakumar Nair, who was an active participant in the Uthrattathi boat race at The Parthasarathy Temple in Aranmula, Jacob Koyipally, who came to the UK from Kuttanad and made a mark in the social arena, and Joby Thomas from Kuttanad, who was an active participant in boat races in the country, are in charge of boat management and training.

Details of team registration

Each boat club can register 20 member teams. Local associations, various sports clubs and business entities can register teams as boat clubs.

The same model boats will be used for the competitions as they did last year. These are small boats similar to the Churulan and Veppu boats in Kerala.

Each team has 20 members, of which 16 will be required to be rowers during the match. The other 4 will be substitutes. 10 out of 20 of the team members and 8 out of 16 participants should be Malayalees. This includes the children of Malayalee parents who were born and brought up outside Kerala. Members can be added to the teams for the competition, regardless of male and female.

While upholding the cultural heritage of Kerala, it also aims to involve other communities in the initiative, so that half of the team members and contestants can be included from any other community. Since the UK has different categories of people from different parts of the world, people from any ethnic category can be included in the teams.

Boat clubs can be those with place names, associations and clubs, or business entities. The captains of the boat clubs registered last year will have to contact those in charge and renew the registration.

Boat clubs will be competing in boats named after traditional Kuttanad villages as the tradition of Nehru trophy boat race in Kerala has to be upheld. For example, last year’s champions, the Wooster Themadis Boat Club, competed in a boat named Karichal. Boat clubs can ask for the name of kuttanadan village of their choice while registering. A final decision on naming will be taken by the organising committee. The names of the same boats that the boat clubs competed in last year may not be the same this time. However, applications submitted by existing boat clubs to use the same name will get priority.

Jerseys for the members of all the teams will be provided by the organising committee. While registering 20 people in each team, all the members will have to be given the jersey size. The 20 members of the participating teams will be given jerseys each. One of the 20 team members will be the captain of the team. Like the Nehru Trophy boat race, team captains don’t have to go into the competition to row.

Following requests from teams, the registration fee per team has been retained at last year’s £300. This has to be given by the captains of the team. If the team has sponsors, there is also an opportunity to include their logo on the jersey. This is subject to conditions.

The organising committee also welcomes the participation of teams of non-resident Keralites from other foreign countries along with teams from the UK. There are concessions on fees for foreign teams.

The boat race will be held in a manner that is based on the tradition of Nehru Trophy boat races in Kerala. A total of 16 teams will compete in the final round. They will have four heats and four finals. However, if more than 16 teams compete, the ‘final 16’ teams will be selected on the basis of the preliminary round of competition, as was done last year. A detailed code of conduct in this regard will be published after the team registration is over.

There will be an exhibition competition on the Nehru Trophy model exclusively for women. Women’s teams will also have to register by June 30. In the last two years, there has been a tough fight in the women’s exhibition competition.

For team registration details contact Jayakumar Nair 07403 223066, Jacob Koyipally 07402 935193 or Joby Thomas 07985234361

‘UUKMA Kerala Pooram 2022’: For more details, contact Dr. Jayakumar. Biju Peringathara (President): 07904785565, Kurien George (General Secretary): 07877348602

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