KS Chithra Live Concert leaves audience awestruck at Watford Colosseum: Next show at Stoke on Trent on Oct 19 – UKMALAYALEE

KS Chithra Live Concert leaves audience awestruck at Watford Colosseum: Next show at Stoke on Trent on Oct 19

Thursday 10 October 2019 3:52 AM UTC

By Balagopal Kent

LONDON Oct 10: KS Chithra’s concerts are like you have entered the land of the lotus-eaters referred in Alfred Tennyson’s poem The Lotos-Eaters. In the land of the lotus-eaters there were lotus flowers that poisoned the mind.

Once the lotus leaves were eaten, you were addicted to it and would lose your mind and your will to do anything else. Thus is KS Chithra’s Live concerts.  They hold you in trance and take you to the land where all is forgotten.

The attendees of KS Chithra’s latest Live concert at the Watford Colosseum will vouch for this as such was the ambience the whole evening turned out to be. The Live concert, organised by Ragaswara, was also a celebration of KS Chithra’s 40 years of her inception in the music industry.

The attendees was left in awe with the arrival of KS Chithra on stage. Is it the magnanimity of the personality she is or is it the reverential respect she elicits.

She takes the audience to an uncharted territory where its just an evening with KS Chithra. The concert started with a invocation song to Lord Krishna with her mellifluous song Keshadi Paadham Thozhunnen.

This was followed by another hit Rajahamsame from the film Chamayam.

Each and every song sung was like beads in a necklace which magnified the whole evening. Just a whiz past the songs sung in the evening will give a nuance to the whole concert.

Attendees were witnessing one of the most unparralleled singing legend with songs such as Maaleyam Marodalinju from the film Thacholi Varghese Chekavar, Ente Sindoora Rekhayilengo from the film Sindoorarekha, Karutha Penne from the film Thenmavin Kombath, Ponveene from the film Thalavattam, Ambalapuzhe unnikannanodu nee from the film Adwaitham, Karmukil varnante chundil from the film Nandhanam, Angopangam from the film Devaasuram and several other duets with the support singers.

The concert had intermittent entrance of the support singers.

KS Chithra was supported by noted musician Sujith Vasudevan, better known with his stage name Sharreth.

They were joined by young and upcoming singers Roopa Revathy, Nishad and Sri Krishna from the Telugu movie industry.

The audience were left awestruck with Sharreth’s rendition of Bhavayami Paadumente Jeevanadikalil from the film Meghatheertham for which he received the Kerala State Film Award for Best Classical Music Singer in the year 2009.

The audience rightly gave him a standing ovation. Some of his songs evoked the classical touch to the whole show. Sharreth too didnt forget to evoke laughter among the audience with his innate unique mannerisms with light hearted comments.

The fast number songs by Nishad and Sri Krishna saw the audience taking to the floor to dance to the tunes. Roopa Revathi’s session with the violin was a special treat for the audience.

The KS Chithra Musicano orchestra didnt fail to demonstrate their mettle with some synchronising beats which elicited loud applause from the crowd.

The medley songs by the whole group too was a treat to the audience. The whole show came to an end with the national anthem.

The show is a must watch and not to be missed. For those who missed it there is another opprotunity to watch the Live Concert on Saturday 19th Oct at Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent ST4 1JH From 3pm to 7pm.

The concert is hosted in the UK by Ragaswara UK (www.ragaswara.co.uk), who are pioneers in the field of music entertainment who have hosted several successful musical events. Musical Events Management, is their forte. To know further information please ring 07830524055 or 07763914385 or email info@ragaswara.co.uk.

Parts of the proceeds from the Malayalam concerts will be donated to two charitable causes.

Part of the proceeds will be shared between Sneha Nandana Trust, which is instituted to provide help to the musicians with financial impediments and those suffering from health problems and the other part to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF), which is an emergency assistance fund to provide relief to families and individuals affected by floods, loss of life due to accidents and chronic diseases, etc.

KS Chithra had donated Rs 2 lakh to the CMDRF and visited the volunteers at camp in Thiruvananthapuram in August this year to boost their morale.

She spent the Thiruvonam day with inmates of the relief camps in Alappuzha.

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