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Kombans Cricket Club win T20 tournament hosted by Maidstone Malayalee Association in Kent

Wednesday 30 June 2021 10:16 PM UTC

By Antony Milan Xavier

MAIDSTONE July 1: Kombans Cricket Club from London lifted the T20 cricket tournament cup hosted by Maidstone Malayalee Association last Sunday at the Oakwood Grammar School Grounds in Maidstone. In the finals they beat Sahrudaya Royals Cricket Team from Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Eight teams participated in the tournament.

Kombans won the final by a 61 -run victory over Sahrudaya Royals Cricket Club from Tunbridge Wells.

Kombans player Amal Baby, who scored 104 runs in three matches, won the Best Batsman award and the Man of the Match award for his 45 runs in the final.

Sahrudaya’s Abi Krishna won the Best Bowler award for taking 7 wickets in three matches. The thrilling two semi-finals presented the spectators with unprecedented moments of play.

Sahrudaya Royals entered the final by defeating hosts Maidstone Super Kings A team in the first semi-final played on the Oakwood Pitch.

Kombans defeated Phoenix Northampton in the second semi-final played on the St Augustine’s pitch.

In the group stages, Maidstone Super Kings A defeated Gillingham Warriors, Maidstone Super Kings B were defeated by Sahrudaya Tunbridge Wells, Chills Ashford were defeated by Phoenix Northampton and Komabns defeated Basildon Challengers.

MMA President Raji Kurian inaugurated the tournament, which began at 8.30am on Sunday at the Maidstone Oakwood Park Ground.

The organizing committee, which was formed for the smooth running of the tournament, was able to hold all seven matches on time, including the final, before the rains.

English umpires controlled the match, which was played simultaneously at Oakwood Park Ground and St. Augustine’s Ground.

MMA President Raji Kurian, Secretary Binu George, Treasurer Renchu ​​Varghese, Committee members Baiju Daniel, Shaji James, Anthony Xavier, Lincy Kurian and Sneha Baby led the competition.

The commendable work of the tournament organizing committee members Joshi, Lalichan, AB, Sisan, Alex, Joe, Roy, Johnson, Frederick, Binu and Manoj brought the competition to the highest level.

Under the leadership of Maitri, the women’s wing of the MMA, meals were arranged at moderate prices for spectators and players from morning till evening.

Members of MYC’s Youth Wing, MYC, performed well on both grounds with arrangements for the competition.

The winners received cash prize of £750 sponsored by Allied Financial Services and an Everrolling Trophy awarded by MMA.

The runners-up received cash prize of £500 from Paul John Solicitors and MG Tuitions and the MMA Everrolling Trophy, while the semi-finalists were presented with trophies instituted by MMA.

The awards for Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Man of the Match were also distributed by MMA.

The prizes were distributed by Organizing Committee members, MMA Executive Committee members and Oakwood Park Managing Member Bryant Flint.

President Raji Kurian said he was proud to be able to put on a spectacular cricket tournament for the spectators despite the adverse conditions. The President thanked all the team members, association members and all those who contributed to the success of the competition, which is enough to be inscribed in gold letters on the pages of the MMA.

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