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KCWA cancels Onam celebrations and raise funds for Kerala

Monday 20 August 2018 11:11 PM UTC

CROYDON Aug 21: KCWA cancelled all its Onam celebrations this year, on 16th Aug KCWA board decided to cancelled its Onam Sathya as the board felt that it was inappropriate to have a Onam fest while people sufferings going on in Kerala.

Since the decision, the KCWA board has been closely monitoring the situation in Kerala. After much discussion, it has also decided to cancel the Onam celebration program this year.

“We want to portray our solidarity with our people back home, who are experiencing much hardship and suffering, and therefore we believe this is not the time for Onam celebrations, a press note said.

“In addition, KCWA will be creating a Flood donation aid page, to which it will be donating itself, and would encourage community members to donate to help those in need in Kerala. Any donation, small or large is greatly appreciated, and will be making a world of difference to those back home.

“KCWA unreservedly apologises to all community members, sponsors, program providers, and especially our dance school students for cancelling this years Onam celebration. However, the board believes this is the right decision in these circumstances.

Please pledge your donations at the following link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/vidyasagaran-mangalavadanan

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