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Enjoy Christmas through this Virtual Christmas Carol song “A Starry Night” (Video)

Friday 25 December 2020 1:48 PM UTC

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Dec 25: As the world stagnates on the second onset of the Covid epidemic, a carol group from the UK has released a song of consolation.

The choir, Harmony in Christ, organized an amazing virtual reunion and performed carols. The carol ‘A Starry Night’, which was released on Garshom TV on Sunday, December 20, won the hearts of the audience.

Harmony in Christ is a gathering of Christian choir singers from Kerala and across the UK. This group, based on divine love, has members from all denominations who love Christian hymns in their own way.

As Martin Luther put it, music casts out the devil and makes people happy; That way they forget all the anger and pride. Secretary Anoop Cherian said that all the members of the choir recognize this truth and use their talents for the good of the community and beyond for the glory of God.

This program is the result of the dream come true of a group of friends who have been dreaming like this for a long time.

Behind this is a team led by Joji Joseph from the Kottayam Thundayyathu musical family.

The program was developed using virtual technology and other online possibilities in an age where co-training is not possible, although it is a program that requires a lot of training.

Anoop said that the generous participation of all the members should be highlighted to help in this endeavor and he would like to express his gratitude to all those who provided the mixing and editing assistance to make this song a reality.

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